20 Photos With Most Amusing Backgrounds


We all love taking photos. But there are some whose love of photography isn’t just limited to their photos. They’re always ready to photobomb other people’s pictures as well. Photobombing can be fun. Sometimes it happens intentionally, and sometimes it happens accidentally when a photographer isn’t paying enough attention. Whether intentional or accidental, the result is almost always an unexpected hilarious photo. 


Posted below are 20 hilarious pictures with amusing backgrounds that are sure to make you laugh out loud! Number 3 is my favorite:

  1. 1 Ruining holiday photos like a boss

  2. 2 Get Help!

  3. 3 The reason women have trust issues

  4. 4 Oh Crap!


  5. 5 Photo bomb level= Legendary

  6. 6 That one guy destroying your photo album

  7. 7 Someone Give Her a Medal

  8. 8 Get Photo bombed by the President (CHECK)

  9. 9 That's the happiest horse I've ever seen

  10. 10 The next level of reality based games

  11. 11 He's surely working on Kelley's birthday present!

  12. 12 Wait for me!

  13. 13 They'll be cursing him for years

  14. 14 Double Trouble!

  15. 15 Puppy comes first

  16. 16 Look guys, that's daddy. He went to a big party last night.

  17. 17 Straight outta shower

  18. 18 Don't kill my vibe stupid humans!

  19. 19 There's one picture she would never post

  20. 20 He's the clear winner here


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