21 Photos That Will Mess With Your Perception


A good photographer knows how to create illusions in regular images by using perspective and good camera work. We’ve all seen those cool photos in which it feels like people are doing impossible things such as holding two tiny people in both their hands, holding the sun and more. These photos are not created using Photoshop (well most of them), they’re all about good camera work. Get a good photographer, and even you can copy those poses.


Listed in this post are 20 awesome photos that will mess with your perception. You can even use them for inspiration to create your own:

  1. 1 This hybrid creature!

  2. 2 Is this super balance? ...he is standing behind the bottle

  3. 3 I'am fine there thank you for asking!! P.S. There's actually a break in the handrail.

  4. 4 Some big shoes to fill


  5. 5 Nice as*....

  6. 6 The bubble baby!

  7. 7 Mouth Fountain

  8. 8 This photo messed up my proportions!

  9. 9 Somebody save her.... she's going to be smashed!

  10. 10 Cat rips its own head off....!!

  11. 11 Just eating a bowl of bokeh.

  12. 12 I didn't realise how they did this at first then it hit m

  13. 13 It looks like this guy has a tiny arm and his baby has a gigantic hand.

  14. 14 Hap, then arrested!

  15. 15 Nothing is as awesome as high-fiving a shark

  16. 16 Bodiless cow

  17. 17 It's all about the timing

  18. 18 Alice in Wonderland

  19. 19 Overly eager prom date....

  20. 20 There is a lot going on here

  21. 21 What's going on in here...?!


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