20 Photos Taken Right Before the Disaster Struck


Like the moment when the dog decides to pee right beside you while you are posing for a picture. Or that moment when the chair breaks when you are in the middle of a selfie. Check out the pictures below for amazing photos taken right when disaster struck.

  1. 1 The man who was covered by manhole cover

  2. 2 Just wanted to take a swim after a day of drinking

  3. 3 Happy Bir- Ohhh No

  4. 4 Her elbow knocked the drink


  5. 5 Before slipping

  6. 6 Breakdancing for his friends,

  7. 7 Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, getting kicked in the face

  8. 8 Friend sent me this picture of her son, I think it fits here nicely.

  9. 9 Who loves orange soda?........well I hope this girl does.

  10. 10 Was playing with my nerf gun when suddenly...

  11. 11 In a rush to get to the playground, he might have forgotten about the ice.

  12. 12 Lake slide

  13. 13 Just a second before getting wet

  14. 14 Pics taken seconds before pain

  15. 15 We asked the guide for our bicycle tour if he could go off the curb

  16. 16 My identical twin 7-year-olds

  17. 17 Crocodile can eat up to half its weight at a single feeding

  18. 18 He really just wanted a drink of diet coke

  19. 19 It's going, it's going, it's scone!

  20. 20 That "oh shit" moment.


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