20 Photos Proving That World is Full of Funny Madness


The world is a wacky place; it is full of all sorts of colorful people, animals and objects. It shouldn’t really surprise us to see madness when the world has so much diversity, but it still does. Imagine walking by someone’s house and finding a wig hanging out to dry. It’ll crack me up for sure. Even better, Imagine finding an ice cream mascot ordering ice cream from an ice cream shaped shop. That’s just cool. 


Scroll down to see all that and more in the photos listed below:

  1. 1 Outrage!

  2. 2 A permanent way to wear headphones

  3. 3 The "Brave Little Toaster" sequel is finally in the works.

  4. 4 Nice try!


  5. 5 Weapon and shoes, two in one! Designed really smartly!

  6. 6 She seems confident and satisfied with her preparations for the day!

  7. 7 Perfect way to play football!

  8. 8 Aaand this dude....

  9. 9 I suppose she's oblivious to the fact that she looks stupider than he does.

  10. 10 See this is an educated crazy ex, she didn't break anything just made it super annoying to get inside the car

  11. 11 Houston.....We have lift off!

  12. 12 Decorations for both Christmas and Halloween!

  13. 13 This classy and stylish dog knows how to carry himself!

  14. 14 A friend of a friend’s cat. Bringing home the trashy bacon?

  15. 15 A photo of my grandmother who dries clothes

  16. 16 You're gymming it wrong

  17. 17 She doesn't carrot all.

  18. 18 When comfort is what you appreciate the most!

  19. 19 Please don't let go....

  20. 20 It was a really hard day for her


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