23 Photos Proving That Gym Is Not For Everyone


Not everyone goes to the gym to work out. Some people go there for other reasons such as stalking their crushes. It is people like these that you’ll see flaunting their figure by wearing a sexy dress and high heels on a Treadmill in the case of women, and towels only in the case of men. 

There are others who really want to work out sincerely but they’ve no idea how to use the machines. They’re probably too proud to ask for help because they end up using the machines completely inappropriately and making complete fools of themselves. 


Both these extremes end up becoming hilarious figures at the gym. In this post we’ve listed 20 photos of people messing up at the gym. Scroll on and enjoy: 

  1. 1 Doesn't look safe!

  2. 2 They are just messing around, right?

  3. 3 Going to the Gym just ain't what it used to be...

  4. 4 Be Careful! Don't drop your towel dude!


  5. 5 The lazy superman?

  6. 6 I don't always go to gym but when i do..... I have no idea what to do!

  7. 7 Nice shoes by the way!

  8. 8 Book worms in gym be like...

  9. 9 This dude needs a personal trainer!

  10. 10 When you think you are a bat-man or Or a chandelier!

  11. 11 I forgot how to gym!

  12. 12 Practicing on all four....!

  13. 13 When you have serious schedule issues!

  14. 14 Helloooo, focus please! he's dying there....

  15. 15 What is the point....?!

  16. 16 New year resolution....!!

  17. 17 Weird people at gym be like....

  18. 18 She is here just to keep an eye on her husband!

  19. 19 It's ok if you can't do it, no need to cry dude.....!

  20. 20 Failed leg day!

  21. 21 High wardrobe malfunction!

  22. 22 Best trainer ever!

  23. 23 Well.... You ARE doing it right!


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