30 Photos Proving Men and Women are From Different Universe


There is no surprise that men and women are 2 completely different categories of the human species. They may complement each other, but they’re poles apart!  And it is something that men and women have both long suspected, their brains are wired differently.

New research has confirmed that men’s brains appear to be configured to coordinate actions with their senses while women’s brains are set up to have better memories, to find multi-tasking easier and to be better at gauging social situations.


That’s why they eat differently, they think differently, and they even live differently. Where women spend hours fussing over the color of their clothes and the right accessories, most men will walk out the door in the first decent shirt they see in their closet. If you wanna know more examples that prove men and women are from a different universe than keep scrolling peeps. Listed below are 30 photos that define the true differences between men and women. Enjoy!

  1. 1 Taking a toilet trip while being drunk

  2. 2 Husband made some alterations

  3. 3 Things didn't go according to plan

  4. 4 Never ask your lad mates for advice on an outfit.


  5. 5 This is an unfair world

  6. 6 Different genders different styles

  7. 7 Basic boys group vs Snapchat queens

  8. 8 Beauty Salon vs Barber Shop

  9. 9 She almost cried when I told her it's "On"

  10. 10 Affected Husbands of shopaholic wives

  11. 11 Genders and grudges

  12. 12 Set of requirements

  13. 13 He needs some vegan lessons

  14. 14 When you finally understand how to use your girlfriend’s stuff

  15. 15 It wasn't that hard

  16. 16 The company should mention it on the ... oh wait!

  17. 17 My shoes have taken ALL the space

  18. 18 She didn't use a single one of them but used the box for storing food

  19. 19 My face when I saw what she did

  20. 20 The hardest decision I've ever made

  21. 21 There's a 7 to 1 ratio

  22. 22 I asked Scott to unpack the toilet paper.... instead of the cute 10 roll pyramid I usually make, I got this masterpiece boobytrap just waiting to come crashing on my head

  23. 23 He still hasn't completed the first step

  24. 24 "Hey Babe, can you build 'us' some shoe shelves?"

  25. 25 I had a fever lastnight and my boyfriend thought the thermometer was a pregnancy test

  26. 26 When your girlfriend or wife is at Sephora

  27. 27 My girlfriend and I just bought a home. We’re unpacking. Her side of the shower vs. mine.

  28. 28 There's only two choices for men

  29. 29 Women pack in a panic every time

  30. 30 Two sides of the coin


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