20 Photos Prove That Universe Has A Great Sense of Humour


Our universe is beautiful, and it has a great sense of humor. In some instances, you can’t help feeling like you are being pranked by none other than the universe itself. The world is filled with hilarious coincidences. From hilarious sign combinations to conflicting messages behind truck, the universe has its own way of sending you messages. 


Summarized in this post are 20 instances that commend the universe’s quirky sense of humor. We’ve all been played by the universe one time or another, I’m sure you’ll find number 9 relatable. 

  1. 1 We all have devil inside us!

  2. 2 Amazing! What a little colour tweaking can achieve. LOL!!

  3. 3 Yikes!

  4. 4 Kiss Island, Greenland. Perfect for your honeymoon


  5. 5 My TA's hat blends in with the chalk board. I nearly shit myself when I looked up and thought he was headless.

  6. 6 So he is here..... at his most favourite place on this planet!

  7. 7 Why do I feel like the guy on the left was following around the guy on the right all day, just to roast him?

  8. 8 The design on my flips flops match the beach shore

  9. 9 What do i do !!

  10. 10 Most confusing street art

  11. 11 Went to get my coffee this morning..came back to a crazy coincidence! what are the chances?!?

  12. 12 My dogs have become Cuttlefish.

  13. 13 Nice beard! wait a minute...! It's not a beard!

  14. 14 Terrifying sculptures

  15. 15 Taylor Swift

  16. 16 Perfectly timed photos

  17. 17 Lick it up

  18. 18 The way the sunlight hits this balloon

  19. 19 I saw a piece of cloth that looks like a man in a trench coat

  20. 20 Just a girl and her C cups..... Coffee cups!


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