20 Photos of Plants Growing In Unexpected Places


With climatic changes, deforestation and global warming it's always nice to see greenery. While, most people these days don't grow plants or trees, when plants unexpectedly pop up, it is amazing for both the people and the environment. 


So, today for the sake of not taking our environment for granted, let's take a look at 20 photos of plants growing in unexpected places. 

  1. 1 Daisy On Railroad Track

  2. 2 Cress keyboard

  3. 3 Nature always wins

  4. 4 Flower blooming in adversity


  5. 5 Flowers grown on the side of a volcano

  6. 6 Flower grow in desert

  7. 7 Phone booth

  8. 8 A little tree on a log protruding from the water in Port Renfrew, British Columbia

  9. 9 I thought the only people who saw green when they opened a gas cap were oil company executives.

  10. 10 Elephant tree This plant is a rare plant in the US in the Anza-Borrego Desert

  11. 11 How could a seemingly delicate plant have such an affect on the hard surface?

  12. 12 A bullet gave the gift of life.

  13. 13 Because being inside the chimney involves a lot less sun

  14. 14 Plants growing out of concrete

  15. 15 A tree growing through a piano. Monterey, California.

  16. 16 The vitality of the grass

  17. 17 Plants growing in dump

  18. 18 I hope to be as brave as this strong and beautiful flower.

  19. 19 Mushroom finds a way to live

  20. 20 Nature takes back its rights


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