20+ Photos Of People Having Fun With Book Covers


Books are our best friends, or at least this is what we have been programmed to believe. While most of us enjoy books by learning about new things and exploring new and mysterious fictitious lands, there are others who find pleasure in books in very unorthodox and innovative ways. There are some who enjoy books by featuring them in creative book cover photography.


In this post, we have compiled a list of 20 pictures where people have taken creative photos using book covers. After going through this list, you’ll fall in love with the creative use of covers for photography. Number 11 is my favorite!

  1. 1 Which library is this? #askingforafriend #notacrush

  2. 2 That tummy though

  3. 3 How many times do I have to tell you, No smoking inside!

  4. 4 Where did you get the sweater mate?


  5. 5 Son of Anarchy!

  6. 6 No way!

  7. 7 Squad goals

  8. 8 Squad goals 2.0??

  9. 9 Must protect what matters most!

  10. 10 Matthew Mcconaughey has a doppelganger..

  11. 11 What's up doc?!

  12. 12 Asian posing tips 101

  13. 13 Mathew Perry now has a biography!

  14. 14 Let's do the side pose now

  15. 15 Not in the Eye!!

  16. 16 Let's go snowboarding

  17. 17 Let's play your tape now

  18. 18 So I came to my dad's office

  19. 19 REVOLUTION!

  20. 20 Because Rock and Roll will save your life

  21. 21 No one told me it was face paint day..

  22. 22 How her hair adorably fall from the sides!


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