25 People With Funniest Description On Tinder


Tinder is a place where people go either in times of desperation looking for their soul mate that seems to be lost and won’t find their way to them, or they’re just there to enjoy random dates with random creeps who rarely may turn out to be someone decent. Mostly people will fill their profile page with all kinds of bullshit to present themselves as a good catch. However, there are some heroes who put out the raw truth just as it is and hope for the best. Again, there are others whose profile is a complete joke. 


This post targets the second and third category. Scroll on to find hilarious tinder profiles that will seriously make you laugh out loud:

  1. 1 No strings attached. Oh wait...

  2. 2 Damn this guy is brutally honest

  3. 3 So fall once more, but this time in love with me?

  4. 4 One of the most convincing Tinder bios you'll ever come across


  5. 5 Because its all bone and flesh afterall

  6. 6 What a perfect way to express your inabilities

  7. 7 When you'd do anything for some free Chipotle

  8. 8 So which one would you like to date?

  9. 9 Help me get over Toby please?

  10. 10 Deeksha doesn't lie

  11. 11 This is actually scary

  12. 12 Try the Nickelodeon duo

  13. 13 That escalated very quickly

  14. 14 ** Screams ** Get outt!!

  15. 15 OMG how did I never think of this

  16. 16 Really need to do something about the transition

  17. 17 Need myself a living being

  18. 18 Just putting it out there for humanity to see

  19. 19 Who came first?

  20. 20 That definitely won't be a problem

  21. 21 Good with all kinds of animals, more reasons to give him a go?

  22. 22 This dude has issues...real ones!

  23. 23 Try to think of a better way. You can't!

  24. 24 Wanna try something supernatural?

  25. 25 ET is love. ET is life. Why is this guy even on Tinder? He's already got ET.


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