23 People With Extraordinary Sense of Humour


Some people are just hands down hilarious. Being with them always makes you laugh and you never get bored in their company. 


We at BemeThis love such people, which is why, today we are providing you with 20 photos of such people who clearly have an extraordinary sense of humor. Trust us, this will make your day. 

  1. 1 Sh*tters logged!

  2. 2 Bike in progress. Prayers (and donations) needed!

  3. 3 When you live on Music

  4. 4 His hairstyle shows more emotions than me!


  5. 5 Just walking with their minions

  6. 6 It will take a while....

  7. 7 Before you ask

  8. 8 When you forget to bring your sunblock

  9. 9 Two in One

  10. 10 The garden needed some cleaning

  11. 11 "Yep! It's called "The Grocery Getter" From Albertson's...

  12. 12 In-your-face Luggage Covers

  13. 13 Free working spaces be like

  14. 14 I'll give you an offer you can't refuse

  15. 15 Whenever dad gives me his car

  16. 16 Most common error on Christmas

  17. 17 Adventure can be costly

  18. 18 This must have taken some thought

  19. 19 Ring with a Big Rock. That's what she asked for

  20. 20 When you're not photogenic but still can't live without selfies!

  21. 21 A decoration at the local fish restaurant...

  22. 22 Chewbaca's beach body looks fine

  23. 23 When everyone is progressing in life and all you wanna do is be a car


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