20 People Who Took Laziness to a Whole New Level

  1. 1 But really, why lean over the sink if there is a chair?

  2. 2 The floor is lava...

  3. 3 We use only the latest hands free technology

  4. 4 Life hacks you need if you want to maintain your reputation as a lazy person!


  5. 5 Why bother go down stairs if I can do this?

  6. 6 Lazy, smart and practical!

  7. 7 A recipe for a healthy lifestyle right here.

  8. 8 You are safe!

  9. 9 People call me lazy, I call it smart.

  10. 10 Laziness at its best!

  11. 11 You did it. You ate your way through the bottom of the barrel.

  12. 12 Lazy Dog Walker!

  13. 13 Never waste a second of time when you could be more productive.

  14. 14 Ahhh I’ll just have a seat in line.

  15. 15 This is James Franco’s new art piece.

  16. 16 When I'm too lazy, i don't even bother to open the packaging!

  17. 17 This picture perfectly depicts the true nature of the human soul.

  18. 18 When you don't want to get out of your car to fill up a gas tank!

  19. 19 All I can think if he sits up too fast he's going to knock himself out.

  20. 20 It saves space, But you can't spin around on it! LOL


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