22 People Who Took Customization to a Whole New Level


Lots of People want to customize things, some do it for fun, and then there are others who just want to look different. So these people come up with their own creative ideas of customization and some of these ideas are seriously hilarious.


If you are someone who likes to customize things then be sure to check this post. Listed below are 20 tricks that people have used to customize things .Be sure to check 10, 13 and 18 they are pretty cool in a funny kind of way. But some of these customizations can also go wrong, number 12 is one such example. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Because nothing should go to waste!

  2. 2 More than your regular Ninja Turtle

  3. 3 Improvisation is the best policy

  4. 4 Not judging his face but I have every right to question that weird shape


  5. 5 My first 'cut and shut'. You can hardly tell, right?

  6. 6 Eat and Play!

  7. 7 Engineers: “So do you want a car or a motorcycle?

  8. 8 Trying to help passengers make it through their long and boring commute

  9. 9 Tony Hawk will be proud

  10. 10 Do I use my hand or my foot?

  11. 11 Gaming on the go!

  12. 12 When you get a piercing, make it worth the effort

  13. 13 Not sure what she wanted but pretty sure this is a failed version of whatever it was supposed to be

  14. 14 I think my cat's broken

  15. 15 So they made a custome out of all the leftovers

  16. 16 Because portability is key

  17. 17 Drive, Nap, Repeat

  18. 18 Customized Unicorn shoes

  19. 19 DIY Beer binoculars

  20. 20 Custom body makeup!

  21. 21 My kinda home theater

  22. 22 When she's 6 ft tall and you wonder how


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