26 People Who Think Outside The Box And Add Vibrant Colours To Their Life


They say need is the mother of invention. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with when you really need something and you’re too fed up to care about what people think about you. Some of the best creative streaks happen at the time of need. 


Listed in this post are over 26 photos of creative people who came up with amazing out of the box solutions to their problems in the time of need. Number 9 is my favorite! Scroll down and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 When no more seats left in lecture!

  2. 2 Easy solution when the only plug is 6ft high up the wall.

  3. 3 No lock? no problem!

  4. 4 My Coworker saw this guy on the train. His whole outfit made from beer and soda tabs!


  5. 5 Cheapest baby carrier!

  6. 6 Was told I would post this on here. A T-Rex shower head my roommate 3-D printed

  7. 7 My friend couldn't make it to the party so we used an ipad to improvise!

  8. 8 Meanwhile in India!

  9. 9 When even the water element can’t stop you

  10. 10 some dogs and a date

  11. 11 A few problems Australians have to deal with

  12. 12 Hanging out with my best friend at the park today

  13. 13 When you buy a car with an optimum set of devices

  14. 14 Pets can be different.

  15. 15 About damn time Karen got out of her abusive relationship with Plankton

  16. 16 Is the fish winning?

  17. 17 Work ethics

  18. 18

  19. 19 Who needs trunk space when you have tap

  20. 20 Meanwhile in Korea

  21. 21 When you miss the good old days

  22. 22 Because standing on your legs is an outdated rule.

  23. 23 Came home from work last night to find this with a note on the fridge that read, ’I think the milk went bad

  24. 24 Runny nose liquid dispenser

  25. 25 Save time and walk to work to make your hair dry

  26. 26 When life vests cost too much!


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