22 People Who Should Stay Away From The Kitchen


Some people are so clumsy that you can’t help wondering if the world is conspiring against them. They’ll be bumping into everything in their way, breaking one thing or another as they go from one place to another. People like that should try to stay clear from dangerous places like the kitchen. 

Since they’re already prone to mishaps, it is highly likely their endeavors in the kitchen will revolve around nothing short of a sure shot recipe for disaster. The only thing they’ll have from their adventures in the kitchen will be colorful messes and hilarious memories. 


Listed in this post are 20 hilarious kitchen disasters caused by clumsy folks who felt a passion for cooking:

  1. 1 Dad baked this. Not letting him cook anything ever again.

  2. 2 My brownie cup did a Hiroshima

  3. 3 Need a rice cooker for real now

  4. 4 My first attempt at frying buffalo wings


  5. 5 These cutting skills cant be matched

  6. 6 I shouldn't be in the kitchen again

  7. 7 My roommate tried making pasta for me

  8. 8 Some people don't really know how electric kettles work...

  9. 9 Tried making cookies for my boyfriend

  10. 10 Cooking didn't go as planned last night

  11. 11 What recipe is that?!

  12. 12 Someone told me this shall work

  13. 13 I think it was my roommate's first time in the kitchen

  14. 14 My wife never fails to surprise me

  15. 15 I even disappoint myself at times in the kitchen

  16. 16 Self freezing slushes gone wrong

  17. 17 How to get exempted from cooking duty

  18. 18 Pressure cookers aren't very good with surprises

  19. 19 My husband tried making coffee for the first time this morning

  20. 20 Make a double batch they said. The kitchenaid couldn't handle it and my counters had to pay for it!

  21. 21 When you overcadoed your avocado!

  22. 22 I made a spaghetti squash explode in the microwave. Moral: Never put spaghetti squash in the microwave


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