People Who Really Can’t Handle Drinking


Summers are here guys, and so the drinking season is upon us. We all love to have cold beers and whiskey on the rocks, but few of us actually know when to stop. Hence I feel that it is my divine duty to warn our users of the hilarious and stupid mistakes one can do, if they don’t know when to call it quits on drinking. 


In this post, we’ve consolidated 20 pictures of people who really suck at drinking, and once drunk they make complete fools of themselves. If you are looking for some hilarious drunk fails, scroll down and enjoy these absolutely funny and crazy moments. Don’t miss the 13th one, you will surely laugh out loud on that one. 

  1. 1 Tried wearing a shirt while I was wasted

  2. 2 Me after my 5th tequila shot

  3. 3 I put my phone on charging last night

  4. 4 Never trim your hair while your drunk

  5. 5 Me at Saturday nights

  6. 6 How did she even pull that off?


  7. 7 Bear bath is the best bath

  8. 8 The storage cabinet feels safe when I'm drunk

  9. 9 Don't remember what kind of a game we were playing last night

  10. 10 Decent makeup job

  11. 11 Stick em right up there

  12. 12 Not the birthday party we wanted

  13. 13 The whole lot is gone

  14. 14 Even their cat is drunk

  15. 15 Like a child from his milk bottle

  16. 16 When you realize you should have stopped after the 2 shots of Tequila

  17. 17 The gun bothers me

  18. 18 Chug it up mate

  19. 19 That's a whole new level of drunk

  20. 20 Back aches shall kick in soon

  21. 21 Needed a ride home. Found one!

  22. 22 There was a door somewhere around here

  23. 23 When your friend is literally full of garbage


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