20 People Who Love To Mess Up With Everybody


Life would have been quiet boring and dull without the people who are born with a lump of mischief in them. We all have such people in our life and despite the fact that we are sick of their annoying mischiefs, we still love to share our lives with them. Such people have one common attribute, they love to mess up with everybody.


 Here we have compiled a list of 20 people who proved that their fun loving nature does not accept the bounds of age and situation. Scroll down and enjoy the sweet and innocent, yet mind numbingly hilarious moments where people were caught messing with others.

  1. 1 She kept measuring her weight for 5 minutes

  2. 2 My dad became a car seat to mess with me

  3. 3 Gave my girlfriend a surprise haircut

  4. 4 My roommate did this

  5. 5 My friend said he isn't scared of snakes anymore


  6. 6 Dad made sure my car stayed safe

  7. 7 My bf told me he'll give me a sexy surprise when I come home today

  8. 8 My wife asked for an extra pillow

  9. 9 Some people never change

  10. 10 Eventually someone had to check why this guy was on the toilet for 6 hours. LOL!

  11. 11 Mom wanted a guard dog

  12. 12 Featured Weird Studio Ghibli Jobs Shop takes revenge on unauthorized parking with shopping cart prison

  13. 13 I submit my April Fool's prank...2,000 balloons in my boss' office.

  14. 14 My husband scared the crap outta me!

  15. 15 Best of luck with that

  16. 16 My wife wanted a laser hair removal machine

  17. 17 Imagine opening your fridge and seeing this head in a jar.....!

  18. 18 Face It, Some People Are Just Plain Old Jerks

  19. 19 When you wife is a keeper or hard worker and you are a real jerk!

  20. 20 Aaaand being jerk award goes to.....


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