27 People Who Live With Their Own Rules


Most of us spend our whole life trying to please others. Whether we admit it or not, we give way too much importance to the impression that other people have of us. This is probably why we’re frustrated most of the time. However not everyone is like that. Some people simply don’t give a damn to what other people think about them. They’ll live their life according to their own rules, and they’re perfectly happy being considered as the weirdos in society. To be honest, they’re actually quite awesome. 


Listed in this post are 27 photos of people who live their life according to their own rules:

  1. 1 Lesser resources, more fun

  2. 2 This is sinful..

  3. 3 The devil's girlfriend

  4. 4 How would this even work?


  5. 5 When soupy noodles are life

  6. 6 When someone asks you how you are planning for retirement.

  7. 7 From the ramp, straight to the beach

  8. 8 Security level= India

  9. 9 Is is alive??

  10. 10 The story behind this must be really fun

  11. 11 This guy would get all my upvotes...

  12. 12 Who needs trunk space when you have tape

  13. 13 Dude just whipped out this desk on the subway and started his meeting

  14. 14 Meanwhile in New Orleans...

  15. 15 Bootleg cup holder

  16. 16 There seems to be some kinda glitch here

  17. 17 So I met my friend Salmon on the subway

  18. 18 Only bright minds can think of stuff like this

  19. 19 I didn't come to compete. Just came for the free food

  20. 20 I do what I want in a picture

  21. 21 When you're not sure if coffee will keep you up or you'll have to sleep again

  22. 22 Can't be shorter than that

  23. 23 A man with his special pet!

  24. 24 When the flight meal takes too long to arrive

  25. 25 Feast on me boys

  26. 26 Talk me to sleep baby

  27. 27 One most effective way to avoid sunburn


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