20+ People Who Left Their Homes to Live on the Road


The high cost of living in the cities, escalating mortgage prices, and the possibility of always living on rent, among other urban woes, have pushed many people to leave their homes, and make their lives on the road.

An Instagram account, project.vanlife chronicles incredible and fascinating stories of everyone who wants to live on the road. Some of them are doing it solo, others are doing it with their partners, and some are even doing it with their families. Looking at the pictures and reading their stories, it isn’t hard to imagine what attracts them towards #vanlife while leaving most of the comforts of modern world behind.


Let’s take a look.

  1. 1 Imagine waking up to this.

  2. 2 Morning coffee with a view.

  3. 3 Cook in the rain...

  4. 4 Or bring some modern comfort with you on the road.


  5. 5 Something to do for everyone.

  6. 6 So many different van options for you.

  7. 7 Like this house on the beach...

  8. 8 And who said you have to be alone on the road?

  9. 9 But whatever you do, just....

  10. 10 How else would you see this!

  11. 11 You can also work from your motorhome.

  12. 12 Not too bad, huh?

  13. 13 No fight over parking spots...

  14. 14 Keeping it perfectly balanced!

  15. 15 Indulge in some movie nights...

  16. 16 Or enjoy some beer on the beach.

  17. 17 Or simply chill.

  18. 18 Take in the sights!

  19. 19 Drive and live everywhere!

  20. 20 Get in some exercise too.

  21. 21 Let the kids play on the front porch.

  22. 22 While you do some yoga.

  23. 23 Just jump right in!

  24. 24 Kiss on the edge!

  25. 25 This is all you may need.

  26. 26 Perfectly stored!

  27. 27 Make some friends along the way.

  28. 28 Breakfast for two, please.

  29. 29 "I'm on my way home, honey!"

  30. 30 After a night under the stars.

  31. 31 Go where the road takes you...

  32. 32 And see where it leads...

  33. 33 Becasue no matter where you end up...


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