20 People Who have No Clue How To Do Things Properly


There are some people who are so dumb that they bring the intellect of the whole room down. We’ve all met one or more of these people at our college, workplace or even in our family. If you ever thought there was a threshold of stupidity that no human can cross, prepare to be utterly disappointed. Some people go out of their way to prove that there is no limit to stupidity. On the bright side, they give you a lot to laugh about. 


If you’re having a bad day, check out these hilarious photos of people who’re totally failing at even the simplest tasks: 

  1. 1 * slow claps *

  2. 2 Because hair > head

  3. 3 I think they might be trying to signal something

  4. 4 Omg Congrats! Guesswhat


  5. 5 The most useless traffic cone in the world

  6. 6 So someone gifted me this giant cell phone the other day..

  7. 7 It's not about how. The real question is WHY?!

  8. 8 Must have taken a shot to the head

  9. 9 That's one race he's not winning

  10. 10 You just can't teach stuff like that. It comes naturally.

  11. 11 Her .. Mouth.. is wet?!

  12. 12 Things you do for love

  13. 13 Parenting done right

  14. 14 Justice has been done to these instructions

  15. 15 Now I get where all the blonde jokes come from

  16. 16 Does ice cream come with a manual?

  17. 17 There’s no other way...

  18. 18 That's one way to celebrate national day

  19. 19 Pre-swim existential crisis

  20. 20 Okay guys, I am going to be your instructor!


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