20+ People Who Got Hilarious Sunburn Art On Their Body


Sunburns are common in summers especially if you’re someone who forgets to put on their sunscreen. They are no doubt painful, but sometimes they can get just embarrassing as well. Imagine having a sunburn outlining “I suck” on your back, you sure wouldn’t want to wear a backless in public after that. 

Be careful when you choose what you wear to the beach. Your shirt design may get imprinted on your skin if you get a sunburn. 


Listed in this post are photos of 20 hilarious sunburns that are sure to make you smile. Scroll down and enjoy folks:

  1. 1 Three hours in the sun and that's what he got!

  2. 2 This tan lover managed to get tan lines from her sunbed goggles!

  3. 3 I fell asleep with my hands on my stomach

  4. 4 Kim Kardashian's sunburn fail!


  5. 5 The sun is something you better not to joke with!

  6. 6 Hats aren’t your friend when you’re prone to sunburn.

  7. 7 Most bizarre sunburn ever!

  8. 8 This might be a new trend!

  9. 9 This perfect icky swimsuit tan line!

  10. 10 That turned out extremely bad!

  11. 11 Wait, what's a spoon doing there?

  12. 12 That's one way of proposing for Prom

  13. 13 Came back from the beach with a bit of a sunburn

  14. 14 Lets get a bad tan as a family!

  15. 15 He surely was drunk!

  16. 16 Why would he wear a sock while tanning?

  17. 17 When you desperately want to be an Avenger

  18. 18 Superman would be so proud!

  19. 19 That's one happy fellow ..

  20. 20 Sweet Sunburn fail!

  21. 21 Sunscreen UNDER and AROUND Your Hats!

  22. 22 Why Are Dudes Wearing Bikini Tops So Frequently?


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