20 People Who Failed Miserably to Take Perfect Selfie


Let’s be honest, we have all had our fair share of moments where we really feel ourselves in the front camera. Whether it is the new haircut, piercing or the new outfit that makes us feel good, we have all been there, so there’s no harm in taking a selfie when you feel like that, right?


However, our phones don’t always cooperate with us, which is why sometimes our selfies turn out to look completely miserable. So, if you want to see 20 such failed selfies then scroll down below. 

  1. 1 Hot T-Rex Selfie!

  2. 2 The transition between the third picture and the fourth is hilarious

  3. 3 My boyfriend keeps taking pictures of me!

  4. 4 Selfie with a coyote!


  5. 5 Something will touch his foot in a second

  6. 6 My dad took a selfie in front of this man with a "Stop taking selfies" t-shirt on.

  7. 7 Awww... that's just adorable!

  8. 8 When you want a selfie with a cat...

  9. 9 Got pulled over by a Zebra. Took a Selfie!

  10. 10 Perfect selfie blown by wind!

  11. 11 Australian police have had enough of your shit!

  12. 12 Just chilling with my two headed girlfriend.

  13. 13 Mysterious selfie!

  14. 14 Look at it... LOOK AT IT!

  15. 15 Perfect falling down Selfie. Cool!

  16. 16 Wallaroo selfie didn't quite go as planned.

  17. 17 SELFIE! While your sister is in labor!

  18. 18 Hate it when my girlfriend takes pictures of me sleeping!

  19. 19 When you pretend that your boyfriend is sneaking pictures of you.

  20. 20 This monkey's more interested in her top then selfie!


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