20 People Who Dressed Up Like Their Surroundings


Coincidences make life interesting. Most coincidences are quite rare, but whenever they happen, they sure make things interesting. One of such coincidences is when your outfit turns out to be a perfect match to your surroundings. A little confused, are you? Well sometimes people happen to wear clothes that looks identical to the room, floor or the tiles. It’s rare and totally unintentional but whenever it happens it demands a picture.


Here we have compiled 20 pictures where people dressed up like their surroundings. Scroll down and enjoy these photos. 6th might be the greatest unintentional match ever.

  1. 1 Who wore it better?

  2. 2 Hotel Hallway? I got lost in an old armchair.

  3. 3 My twin hotel Towel

  4. 4 Matching Level


  5. 5 Shoes Blended

  6. 6 Have a mug of tea

  7. 7 He is not Happy with this match.....

  8. 8 It might be a little too matchy-matchy

  9. 9 Minions "Cosplay"

  10. 10 Playing Hide and Seek with my kids

  11. 11 This totally Blend my Mind

  12. 12 Camouflage level 8

  13. 13 Hey look, you match!

  14. 14 Perfectly Sync!

  15. 15 Wow! Pants with no feet. impressive.

  16. 16 Stoned

  17. 17 Available in small Print

  18. 18 The blend Dressed

  19. 19 Matching Dressing Mode On

  20. 20 Cotton tree Dress

  21. 21 Invisible Body

  22. 22 Volleyball

  23. 23 Subway vs Me

  24. 24 Wearing the floor..

  25. 25 Bad Taste Competition


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