23 People Who are Struggling With Technology


Technology is a gift, but not everyone is born tech savy. As distant as it sounds, it was only a few decades ago when computers, smartphones and laptops became the focal point of the world. So if your mom or dad aren’t too good with technology, don’t give them a hard time. In a few years’ time, you may find yourself to be an alien to the technology that your kids bring to your dinner table. Having said that, some things are just so funny, that we can’t help but laugh at them. 


In this post we have compiled a list of funny photos of the things that people do who’re struggling with technology:

  1. 1 Apple also launched cutting boards?!

  2. 2 One easiest way to Google Search.....!

  3. 3 Home made ad blocker

  4. 4 My Grandma took her first selfie.


  5. 5 My grandma showing us how she zooms in with an iPhone.

  6. 6 Even Bush have difficulty in handing the technology!

  7. 7 My friend's mother always forgets MS Word's location. This is what he did.

  8. 8 Finally this smart guy found the real purpose of the sharp edges of Macbook air!

  9. 9 Is this a new way to get a retina scan?

  10. 10 when mom uses technology

  11. 11 Could you speak louder? I am getting bad reception!

  12. 12 Dad needed a photo of my mac book's serial number and didn't have a camera. This is what he came up with.

  13. 13 For everyone'e viewing pleasure!

  14. 14 My dad's mirror selfie with his "phone" went viral

  15. 15 Is overwriting allowed here?

  16. 16 I asked my grandma to send me a photo of her chicken curry recipe. This came in the mail today...

  17. 17 Just a random guy, casually working at a cafe.

  18. 18 The amount of zoom on my uncle's computer is crazy

  19. 19 I asked my daughter to go paint on the computer

  20. 20 Looks like her laptop was getting bored at home

  21. 21 She: Hey, I bought a core i7, 6th generation... Friend: Cool. What do you use it for... Her:...

  22. 22 Future Darwin Award Winner

  23. 23 Take a Print screen, they said!


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