33 People Who Are Pro At Taking Awesome Selfies


Selfies are a global trend now. Even NASA’s curious rover is taking selfies on Mars. So it’s safe to say that the self-taken picture has well and truly escaped gravity *wink*. However, back on earth, the Selfie obsession has made many people crazy over taking hilarious selfies. You’ll see these people taking selfies in hilarious expressions ranging from wacky to even adventurous.


We know that nailing the perfect selfie isn’t easy, but with creativity, true emotions, and some luck, selfies can become amazing masterpieces in a way that justifies their own existence. Listed up in this post are 33 people who are a pro at taking awesome selfies. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with all the selfie experts in your list.

  1. 1 If Hulk was a goat

  2. 2 I made a friend

  3. 3 That's what friends are for

  4. 4 The perfect walk in the country side


  5. 5 The most photogenic beaver you'll ever see

  6. 6 Chilling with grandpa

  7. 7 Color festivals are the real deal

  8. 8 Who's got a better mustache?

  9. 9 You think your job is fun?

  10. 10 I hope the camera's waterproof

  11. 11 On top of the world

  12. 12 Love is in the air

  13. 13 Chilling under the sun

  14. 14 Doggo's day out

  15. 15 The holiday feeling

  16. 16 Look who I met

  17. 17 The dragon warrior has been found

  18. 18 Stalking level : 1000

  19. 19 Never too old for merry go round

  20. 20 Not your regular holiday selfie

  21. 21 Who's more fluffy?

  22. 22 Just another stroll with my best friend

  23. 23 Couple goals

  24. 24 When in Australia, don't forget this selfie

  25. 25 When you really feel a need for sun glasses

  26. 26 Jesus doesn't like to pose

  27. 27 Who's gonna win the race?

  28. 28 A friendly sloth selfie!

  29. 29 When the tide turns

  30. 30 And the selfie award goes to...

  31. 31 Grand dad knows no rules

  32. 32 The royal selfie

  33. 33 A bond that lasts


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