20 People Who are Pro At Multitasking


If you’re like me, you suck at multi-tasking. You’d rather focus on one thing, finish it up and move to another. But there are some people who’re completely opposite to that. They’re absolutely awesome at juggling multiple complex tasks. Take bus drivers for instance, they’re so pro at driving that they don’t mind smoking a cigarette and taking calls as they drive. Some parents are pro multi-taskers as well; they attend to their child and finish their chores all at once. 


Let’s admit it, some people are just geniuses when it comes to multi-tasking. They’re both amazing and hilarious in the way they handle and switch between various jobs. Listed in this post are photos of 20 such awesome people who are pros at multi-tasking:

  1. 1 Bicycle Parent Multitasking!

  2. 2 All the Limbs!

  3. 3 This little girl is definitely going to become a great parent one day!

  4. 4 The kid is playing on the computer, while potty training and eating at the same time!


  5. 5 Traditional Multitasker!

  6. 6 Multitasking Trombone Player!

  7. 7 Driving, talking and texting at the same time!

  8. 8 This Turkish bus driver may very well be the greatest multitasker of them all.

  9. 9 Just a normal multitasking driver!

  10. 10 Great Parenting skills!

  11. 11 You can't take the crazy out of the cat Lady

  12. 12 Dad Level 1000: Achieved

  13. 13 Mom winning at multitasking for sure!

  14. 14 When you love to have a bath at the go!

  15. 15 When you have a lot of work to do!

  16. 16 Just a genius kid finishing his homework before going to school!

  17. 17 Super mom and a photographer!

  18. 18 When daddy love you as much as he loves his Xbox!

  19. 19 Looks like he is taking care of all of them pretty good!

  20. 20 Multitasking parents! Our prayers are with the child!


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