20 People Who Are Going to be Fired Soon


The lack of common sense can be forgiven by friends and family, but your boss, no matter how stupid, won’t nearly be as accommodating as your friends. You can’t really blame the boss either, some mistakes are so dumb they bring the intellect of the whole company in question. Such mistakes are stupid enough to justify laughing the workers out of the company. Don’t believe me?


Here are 20 hilarious photos of ridiculous mistakes made by workers that really makes you rethink the concept of common sense:

  1. 1 Better keep it hidden

  2. 2 Lets just pray this building never catches fire

  3. 3 You are under arrest Mr. Firstname!


  4. 4 At least its healthy

  5. 5 You NOLY had one job

  6. 6 Did you say "extra cheese"?

  7. 7 How not to do Carpentering: Lesson number 1

  8. 8 Smoking kills.. Literally!

  9. 9 As long as it works for you

  10. 10 Bepis, best served cold!

  11. 11 Lets just imagine its there

  12. 12 This ATM has altitude issues

  13. 13 It's a rebellion going on here

  14. 14 This Remote Controller's high

  15. 15 Not the superhero Gotham needs

  16. 16 No space? No problem!

  17. 17 Because calling them bananas is too mainstream

  18. 18 What breed are these?!

  19. 19 IEC cold

  20. 20 Back to school day shall be scary..


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