25 People Who are Champions Of Clicking Perfectly Timed Photos


Taking good photos is an art, and not everyone knows how to take a good photo. You need to find the right balance between timing, setting and the right angles. Some people are really good at getting the job done right. They’ll find the right setting and take the photo just at the right moment. 


You won’t be able to stop yourself from commending the efforts of the awesome photographers who took the photos listed in this post, number 9 is my favorite! Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 May it never be sad

  2. 2 Oh so that's where it comes from

  3. 3 How many times do I tell you I don't like beach days dad!

  4. 4 Summer toilet breaks be like


  5. 5 He's got the buns

  6. 6 Mayday! Mayday!

  7. 7 Being romantic on duty shouldn't be tolerated

  8. 8 Beauty creams these days can do miracles

  9. 9 Europeans when they try Korean spices

  10. 10 Obesity is not a joke

  11. 11 What is this creature called?

  12. 12 Your child should know better

  13. 13 I am outta here

  14. 14 Well that's a funny looking tree stump

  15. 15 Three Points to Lakers!!

  16. 16 This was an accident hooman

  17. 17 Which Laxative did she take?

  18. 18 The opposite of team work

  19. 19 This kid drank too much Red bull

  20. 20 This sweater is very misleading

  21. 21 This is when we all run!

  22. 22 It was this kid's lucky day

  23. 23 When you can't help sticking your toe in all the wrong places

  24. 24 I've got this boss

  25. 25 Check out my ruff look


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