20 People Making Silly Mistakes Without Even Realizing It


Sometimes when you’re having a bad day. Things will just happen to you, and you’ll make the dumbest mistakes. You may even be tempted to think that the world is conspiring against you. We have all been there, we’ve had such days, and frankly many more are on the way as well. But as horrible as it is to find yourself in these fixes, the bad days make for hilarious memories to be shared on the thanksgiving dinner table and all the dinner parties. So just enjoy the disasters peeps, it’s not like you have a choice anyways. 


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of 20 people who’ve messed up big time:

  1. 1 Women and cars, a true love story.

  2. 2 What is gone shall never return

  3. 3 Just about right

  4. 4 Today I learned a lesson...


  5. 5 Posing like an idiot 101

  6. 6 This is why things have warning labels

  7. 7 I don't quite understand how this will work

  8. 8 I am kinda impressed

  9. 9 Keep working. One day it will surely fit

  10. 10 So the fireplace wasn't made of stone

  11. 11 My wife started pushing all the buttons in the car. Here's the outcome!

  12. 12 When you're trying to find motivation to go to work tomorrow....

  13. 13 This dude had one job but......

  14. 14 Almost had it!

  15. 15 Modern education!

  16. 16 I never knew that we can use ipad as a phone!

  17. 17 So that's how umbrella works!

  18. 18 Cruising Benz....... Well Then...

  19. 19 Anyone who washes their car like this....?!

  20. 20 I don't think he realized he'd be filmed from this angle.


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