20 People Hilariously Caught Lying on Social Media


As much as social media helps make a relationship thrive, it also breaks a happy couple apart. Sometimes you catch your partner cheating on you on Facebook or sometimes he addresses you as someone else on WhatsApp. Whatever may be the reason, we are all familiar with social media breaking up a couple. 


Although a breakup is mostly sad, these lying cheaters are too funny to deserve our tears. Scroll down below to see what we are talking about. 

  1. 1 What camera feature takes your photo while you sleep?

  2. 2 To each his own..

  3. 3 When you workout so hard your belly button vanishes

  4. 4 Safety drill FFS!


  5. 5 Manipulative social media at its pinnacle

  6. 6 Get the Kitty out!!

  7. 7 Consent is important

  8. 8 This is awkward!

  9. 9 Nice try

  10. 10 I think I can click great pictures

  11. 11 Beach days in a Farm

  12. 12 Negotiations are going on

  13. 13 No makeup apart from my fake eyelashes, liner and lipstick

  14. 14 Cool Story Though

  15. 15 Know your Sun better..

  16. 16 Me and My imaginary girlfriend

  17. 17 When you copy, at least don't copy something from a calendar

  18. 18 When you get 12 times lucky

  19. 19 Pay up!

  20. 20 At least Britney was useful here

  21. 21 Fail

  22. 22 So much traffic!!


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