20 People Experiencing Good Luck When They Least Expect It


Let’s face it, experiencing bad luck is way more common and heard of than experiencing good luck, which is why, most of our meme compilations are based on badluck. However, for a change today let’s look at people having the most amazing luck when they least expect it. 

  1. 1 The luckiest smartphone landing!

  2. 2 A few more centimeters and it's gonna be a disaster!

  3. 3 When Jesus love you very much

  4. 4 Almost brushed my teeth with foot cream!


  5. 5 Thank God He Noticed That

  6. 6 A women lost her diamond ring, 13 years later, a carrot they pulled up revealed a huge surprise!

  7. 7 My mom lost a very special earring overseas while visiting relatives two months ago. We searched for days when it went missing. Today we found it.

  8. 8 Wow! They should've seriously built a rail there though.

  9. 9 The Door Saves The Day

  10. 10 So close!

  11. 11 Someone was very, very lucky.

  12. 12 That's cutting it close.

  13. 13 Avoided great tragedy by millimeters... better press my luck and take a picture!

  14. 14 His face says it all....!

  15. 15 This peanut Jackpot!

  16. 16 Luckiest Day

  17. 17 Found an extra large egg today in the chicken coop.

  18. 18 This little guy was growing on this same ear of corn!

  19. 19 When Your Death Is On Holiday


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