20 People Doing Crazy Things


People are found doing unusual things all the time. And while some people call them crazy, we find that it’s a rather derogatory term, so let’s just call them creative. 


From people sticking their knife in the switch-board to make it work to individuals getting covered in jam by their roommates, we have a fancy collection of ‘creative’ people doing what the do best. 

  1. 1 What your roommate is doing while you sleep

  2. 2 This is the best way to do it.

  3. 3 A new version of hair mask.

  4. 4 And that’s how you eat a banana.


  5. 5 No matter how many bones were sacrificed for this, there should be no more pictures.

  6. 6 Portable ashtray

  7. 7 Please let this be fake.

  8. 8 When you want to iron someone.

  9. 9 When you want to escape the fragments of chili pepper.

  10. 10 Cheap brush holder

  11. 11 Leave a sweet scent on your clothes.

  12. 12 The most inhuman anti-theft?

  13. 13 Lost could have had fewer seasons

  14. 14 Lay Your Weary Head to Rest

  15. 15 Do not be too fat.

  16. 16 Trying to connect to wifi

  17. 17 Lock the boss's clothes...

  18. 18 Never stop charging Po......

  19. 19 A good beer for more pressure.

  20. 20 What he trying to find ??


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