22 People Caught Doing Dumbest Things


Some people are so dumb they literally bring the intellect of their surroundings down with them. You may have people like that in your family as well. These are the kind of people who worry about locking their keys in their convertible cars that don’t even have roofs. They’re literally a walking comedy show for people around them.


Listed in this post are photos of 20 people who were caught doing the dumbest things. Don’t skip the 17th one, it’s seriously hilarious:

  1. 1 Ever heard of physics? or cabin pressure?

  2. 2 Exposed explosively!

  3. 3 This girl stuff herself in the overhead storage bin!

  4. 4 This is what happens when the after party goes on for too long


  5. 5 There's no use crying over spilled beer!

  6. 6 How to play pop tennis...

  7. 7 Here's one over protective fella.....!

  8. 8 I hope my horse likes his new shoes. These were limited edition...

  9. 9 Look behind sir! an angry friend have came to meet you....

  10. 10 Not the right place for this position I guess

  11. 11 Looks like someone was in a rush today...

  12. 12 That's why I am not into giving lifts

  13. 13 When you just stop caring about the work pressure

  14. 14 That's a really dangerous party going on

  15. 15 How did he even execute that?!

  16. 16 That's how you lose brains

  17. 17 Ahh not in front of the ladies again!

  18. 18 Risking his life to repair it. This dude must love his car.

  19. 19 Keep on driving bro

  20. 20 Planking Fail!

  21. 21 Future Darwin Award Winner

  22. 22 Your bag is on fire dude! And so will be your head


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