25 Passive Aggressive Notes From Snarky Coworkers


Work becomes so much more fun if you share the workplace with people with a good sense of humor.Notes and Notices are common at Workplaces, and on many occasions passive aggressive comebacks are inevitable to such notes. It’s hilarious to see the comebacks that are posted as a reply to pointless instructions. 


Listed in this post are hilarious exchanges of passive aggressive notes. I couldn’t stop laughing on the 17th one, it’s completely hilarious. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 PLEASE recheck!

  2. 2 You can leave the Earth

  3. 3 Your cat is in trouble.... Do something!

  4. 4 Forever in the friend zone


  5. 5 I NEED TO......

  6. 6 Walked past the I.T. Office door and noticed a new sign

  7. 7 But Why?!

  8. 8 Sorry.... Can't help it!

  9. 9 Nobody will steal this one......

  10. 10 This balcony is a non-smoking area durning specific hours!

  11. 11 I believe we have an office thief.......damn

  12. 12 My dad buys Me

  13. 13 Walked into the office kitchen to find this.

  14. 14 Somebody don't like WHIMSICAL fonts!

  15. 15 I like Surprises....

  16. 16 Spell check out of order!

  17. 17 Appropriate bathroom reminder!

  18. 18 Beware..!!

  19. 19 This tissue roll is starving

  20. 20 Stop! You two

  21. 21 "SACARSM"?!

  22. 22 Note from my office colleague

  23. 23 So next time push it even harder!

  24. 24 The people in my office just couldn't help themselves


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