20 Optimistic People Making the Best Out of the Worst Situations


Have you been in a rough situation and wanted to get out of it but you weren’t creative enough to think of a good idea? Well, the next time you get into trouble you can take inspiration from these people who are too creative to say the least. Whether it is a broken mobile phone screen or a warm beer they have the solution for pretty much anything. In fact after looking at these photos, you will wonder if there is anything these people don’t have a solution to?

  1. 1 Awesome way to hide your screen crack

  2. 2 Creative art for self contentment

  3. 3 Utilizing the snow for your benefits

  4. 4 Flood also has another side apart from calamity


  5. 5 Making best out of unfortunate situation

  6. 6 Car dent turned into ninja turtle TMNT

  7. 7 The person who made a sad trash monster

  8. 8 Cracking art!!

  9. 9 This parent who turned a broken windshield into an awesome photo op:

  10. 10 This guy who made art out of destruction from Hurricane Sandy

  11. 11 Hello mate! Wanna ride?

  12. 12 Beware of the Frankenstein

  13. 13 This girl who came up with the perfect tattoo for her webbed toes

  14. 14 Don't mess with me! I have cops in my box

  15. 15 This person who turned their injury into an excuse to be inebriated at all times

  16. 16 This is sweet

  17. 17 It's not stupid if it works

  18. 18 Boating!!

  19. 19 Let the snow not ruin your fun.

  20. 20 This guy worming his way to the finish line:


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