20 of The Most Viral Funny Memes


Memes are one of the best gifts that internet gave us. They’ll really lift up your mood when you’re down, and they’re a great way to stay in touch with your friends. For most of us, the only communication we have with some of our closest, oldest friends in memes . We’ve become so used to them, we feel neglected when our friends haven’t tagged us in memes for a few days.


In this post we’ve listed 20 awesome viral memes that are sure to make you laugh, scroll down and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Gillette: Thanos Edition!

  2. 2 When somebody hit it off immediately....

  3. 3 When you let your mom cut your hair.....

  4. 4 The Kardashian Marathon....!


  5. 5 When your boss wants a picture to prove that you're sick......

  6. 6 Her: Men are trash.......!

  7. 7 Correct way.....

  8. 8 Qualified barber!

  9. 9 Monday hates you too!

  10. 10 When someone ask about your life

  11. 11 Don't touch my buddy!

  12. 12 Sunday night be like...

  13. 13 Having a bad day? Watch this!

  14. 14 Existential Crisis......

  15. 15 Mood Swings!

  16. 16 Going to office!

  17. 17 Please watch your kids!

  18. 18 This dog's photobombing skills are amazing!

  19. 19 Mrs. Clean!

  20. 20 Hello Governor!


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