25 Of The Most Ironic Photos


Sometimes people are just so careless that they will miss what is right in front of them. They’ll end up making claims that are proven wrong in the same instant resulting in hilarious irony. We’ve seen it happen in stores, on road signs, at home and even among friends. It can be quite funny. 


Listed in this photo are 25 photos that really exhibit irony at its best, I couldn’t stop laughing at number 21. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Just do it!

  2. 2 Flashing in public.....

  3. 3 Peace Team.....

  4. 4 Nope! it's not!


  5. 5 Silly Sign!

  6. 6 This Guy is reading a self-help book "never eat alone", but it doesn't seem to be working!

  7. 7 Why Sorry?

  8. 8 Literally!

  9. 9 Focus...!!!

  10. 10 Lol! So far so good!

  11. 11 We Respect you

  12. 12 Non Aligned alignment shop!

  13. 13 Now What!?

  14. 14 Be Safe at your own risk

  15. 15 Life can play the biggest pranks. Delivery on the spot!

  16. 16 Are you sure? Doesn't seems like!

  17. 17 Yes, There are no shortcuts!

  18. 18 Think "Safety" First!

  19. 19 This one "well obedient" dog!

  20. 20 Start Biting Instead!

  21. 21 Fire extinguisher itself sets on fire. Oh, the irony!

  22. 22 No posting of signs on public property, except for this one....?!

  23. 23 An ironic alligator eating crocs!

  24. 24 So this is what FITNESS is.....!

  25. 25 Oh, the irony!


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