20 of the Most Crappy Designs That are Incredibly Funny


Designing is an art. And art is subjective. It means different things to different people. One man’s creativity may be easily misunderstood by another man. Therefore, artists are free spirits. They create freely without worrying about the judgement of others. Despite of all the freedom that art grants you, you need to adhere to some guidelines and principles to preserve the value of art. 

Some geniuses come up with absurd designs that are so incredibly crappy that you seriously want to give them a standing ovation with slow claps. 


We have compiled a list of 20 crazy design fails that will seriously make you question the sanity of the designer. Scroll down and don't miss the 12th one guys, you will be rolling on the floor laughing on that one: 

  1. 1 For When You Want A Near Death Experience Every Time You Use The Stairs

  2. 2 Make It What?

  3. 3 This ATM Keeps You Fit

  4. 4 This Is Pretty Much The Worst Placement Of A Tap, Unless You Are In For Shock Therapy.


  5. 5 This Flower Print Dress

  6. 6 Is This How Spider-Man Actually Produced The Web?

  7. 7 Just Got This Nightstand From World Market...

  8. 8 Toilets And Mirror Ceiling

  9. 9 Never Split Your Legs When You Slide Down

  10. 10 Cute Skin Mask

  11. 11 This Clothing Display.

  12. 12 They Are 'Scary Beautiful'!

  13. 13 An Award For The Engineer Who Made This

  14. 14 Seriously?

  15. 15 And This Diaper Packaging Is...Most Unfortunate.

  16. 16 And What's Happening With This Slide??

  17. 17 This Was...Not Completely Thought Out.

  18. 18 Cinnamonbun Earrings

  19. 19 Winnie!

  20. 20 Who Wouldn’t Love To Look Like They’re About To Shoot Their Dog?


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