20 Funniest Photos of Grooms and Their Best men


We’re all used to seeing traditional wedding pictures with cliché poses and setting. But this is mostly the case on the bride’s side. The men in the wedding, however, take full advantage of the setting and take the funniest photos with the groom. Let’s admit it, it’s more fun to watch, and also they are beautiful memories!


Enjoy the compiled list below, you might even get some picture ideas yourself. Men will be men!

  1. 1 I got married last week, my wife wanted me to only take serious pictures with my groomsman!

  2. 2 Take this as a message. A very passive aggressive message.

  3. 3 I think what she's trying to say is "I shoes you."

  4. 4 Beaux gosses attitude!!


  5. 5 Funny wedding shot !!

  6. 6 Might be a good full-party shot!!

  7. 7 Not for you guyss!!

  8. 8 It's time to pee!!

  9. 9 I think he was jealous!!

  10. 10 Funny Groomsmen Evolution Picture

  11. 11 This is cute!!

  12. 12 Leap of Faith!!

  13. 13 Fun wedding photo!!

  14. 14 Def must do this!! this is awesome !!

  15. 15 Getting ready for wedding !!

  16. 16 Runnn!!!

  17. 17 Like the plan about groom's!!

  18. 18 An other type of hide and seek!!

  19. 19 Died or what?

  20. 20 Super groom!!!

  21. 21 An epic jumping photo!!

  22. 22 I want wedding party photos like this!!


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