20 Oddly Satisfying GIFs


Everything on the internet is in pictorial form so it is awfully satisfying when we come across something animated. GIFs are pretty satisfying on their own but add the element of humor and they become absolutely what you need.

  1. 1 This frisbee throw

  2. 2 Geeky Engineering Stuff

  3. 3 The way this ice breaks

  4. 4 This strawberry scoop

  5. 5 I google satisfying gifs, wasn't dissapointed

  6. 6 This peanut butter scoop

  7. 7 This red-hot nickel ball dropped in ice

  8. 8 Whatever this is

  9. 9 This Pop-Tart machine

  10. 10 This box

  11. 11 As a locksmith, this is extremely satisfying

  12. 12 Perfect timing

  13. 13 This slinky

  14. 14 This pasta machine

  15. 15 This woodworking

  16. 16 This sidewalk

  17. 17 "I just wanna be with my momma!" said the liquid dot.

  18. 18 Wanna see some crystallization?

  19. 19 This creepy monster thing is actually corn flour and water on a speaker.

  20. 20 Getting this in my house.


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