20 Notes By Passive Aggressive Roommates That Will Make You Laugh


This post is highly relatable to all those unfortunate people who’ve had awesome but lazy roommates. Or even roommates who have boundary issues. But everyone is kind of trained for that because of.. siblings! 


Enjoy the 20 notes by passive-aggressive roommates that are definitely going to make you laugh. Don’t forget to share this post with your housemates or roommates, this will be another passive-aggressive thing you’ll be doing *wink* wink*

  1. 1 My house mate leave this note for me to clean dishes

  2. 2 I want to cook egg but I got this

  3. 3 Just a request

  4. 4 My housemate always uses my things and forget to wash them


  5. 5 This reminder is clearly working on my roommate

  6. 6 I always want these type of roommates so I can thank them

  7. 7 My roommate always leave some of them on floor. Just a wastage of food

  8. 8 Give them some respect

  9. 9 It doesn't feel good

  10. 10 Yes!! This girl win the war of Passive-Aggressive

  11. 11 Hope it works

  12. 12 The best way to remind someone of his/her work

  13. 13 Always Happens

  14. 14 A Love not for my roommate

  15. 15 It was dishes

  16. 16 It speaks all

  17. 17 Disagreed

  18. 18 Stop , Read and Thank you

  19. 19 Now use this

  20. 20 Buy Your Own


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