20 Mysterious and Surprising Photos That Need Explanation


Usually, what makes a photo funny is its context. But, lately, images that offer no explanation whatsoever have started flooding the internet and we think they are hilarious. However, worry not if you find yourself humour-impaired as we have the explanations for all those images. 


So, here are 20 images that will make you roll-on-the-floor-laugh-out-loud just as much as they will make you question humanity.

  1. 1 Chilling out with pet "Burmese Python"

  2. 2 Catching a ride! As birds can get tired too.

  3. 3 DIY winter hacks! Dive in if you can!

  4. 4 When you forget your head at home.


  5. 5 Actual pothole in Michigan

  6. 6 I can lift a horse this high...

  7. 7 Oh, hi!

  8. 8 That's why I never take pictures in the pool.

  9. 9 Nope! This not what you're thinking! This mother has perfectly normal arms.

  10. 10 The bath is ready, my Lord.”

  11. 11 I used to be a dog person, then I saw this picture. Yikes!

  12. 12 This girl has some MASSIVE ARMS

  13. 13 Looks like the architect had a few too many?

  14. 14 Nope! It's not a TV, it's just a big cobblestone with a neatly carved rectangular window.

  15. 15 Birds. A massive flock of starlings flying over Rome, Italy.

  16. 16 So the chair was placed on top of the table and fell through, Another bug in matrix

  17. 17 This photo makes it look like I have a 2-headed cat.

  18. 18 That's a whole loaf of trouble, indeed!

  19. 19 How do I look in these glasses?

  20. 20 Girlfriend took a pic that made it look like I was trapped in the concrete


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