22 Most Unfortunate and Regrettable Tattoos


Some tattoos are literally the worst thing that happen to people. Why would people ingrain such atrocious designs on their skin is beyond me, but I guess everyone has their own sense of beauty and they find that cool or beautiful. It would make sense if these designs were an accident, but as most pictures will clearly show you these tattoos are not an accident, people are actually happy to flaunt them in the pictures. 


Listed in this picture are 22 absurd tattoos that people have chosen to adorn their skins with. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Please don’t do this to your skin!

  1. 1 Works at Crusty Crab!

  2. 2 French kisses only...

  3. 3 When your face looks like a page from your grade 3 school notebook

  4. 4 When the teacher's really happy with your work


  5. 5 They call me the black mamba

  6. 6 When you greet everyone without speaking a word

  7. 7 Here's a breakfast lover

  8. 8 That's a creative way to hide your laziness

  9. 9 Fancy a game of chess?

  10. 10 Slam dunk face

  11. 11 Two Eagles one face

  12. 12 Your tattoo's out of order mate

  13. 13 A tribute to our president (not) to be

  14. 14 The only Rolex I can afford

  15. 15 It's all about the flexible joystick

  16. 16 I hope he never cries

  17. 17 What's the most pointless tattoo you've ever seen? This one wins it for me!

  18. 18 Asian heritage involves a lot of nose accessories...

  19. 19 Full points for the hair texture

  20. 20 There's so much wrong with this fairy I can't even explain it

  21. 21 The eyes though...

  22. 22 Illuminati confirmed


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