21 Most Surprising Subway Encounters


The subway is a world of its own. So many people travel on subway every day, either going to and fro work or to their other engagements. It is actually quite common to see uncommon things on the subway. You’ll find all sorts of people on the subway who’re living in their own world without a care about what anyone else thinks. These people can be recognized by their hilarious outfits or wacky behaviors. 


Listed in this post are 21 subway encounters that are sure to make you laugh:

  1. 1 Real life Mona Lisa

  2. 2 Rolling into work this morning like...

  3. 3 Sometimes things come together in the most unexpected ways

  4. 4 Woman carving turkey on the subway.


  5. 5 I’ll grab the next train.....!!

  6. 6 Not sure what's more terrifying. This or the pile of headless Barbie bodies in her house

  7. 7 Does this subway lead to Korea?

  8. 8 Defying Gravity! Why sit on your commute when you can fly?

  9. 9 Damn! This girl's a** fainted the boy behind.....

  10. 10 Meet my friend from the 90s

  11. 11 How far is the swamp stop?

  12. 12 Why this doll look like it needs an adult??

  13. 13 That's one way to walk a pet

  14. 14 Every dog's desire

  15. 15 Need these pants for my interview

  16. 16 When the person's last wish was a metro ride

  17. 17 I hope its not what it looks like

  18. 18 The bag's kinda ruff

  19. 19 I should definitely be scared!

  20. 20 Dancing and Drinking in subway..... Probably an "AWESOME" idea!


  21. 21 Use a two-dollar plunger to make you holding handle!


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