27 Most Ridiculous Online Shopping Disasters


We live in the information age where everything is available on our finger tips, Internet is expanding day by day and people now use it for navigating directions in their cars, entertainment and even shopping. 

Those of us who are too lethargic to go shopping to marts and malls prefer shopping online. All we need to do is to log into our computers or mobiles, visit the websites of the store or brands and order what we want. Most of us think that the job is done once the  order has been placed, we assume we’ll get what we asked for. Alas! That’s not really how it goes, is it? 


Listed below in this post are 27 prime examples where product that arrived was much different than the one which was ordered. So scroll down peeps and enjoy this hilarious post, and yes be warned also, one of this fiasco can be yours next time.

  1. 1 That's the reason I don't shop online

  2. 2 Talk about something more useless than this item

  3. 3 But I didn't order 3 quarters

  4. 4 Nothing much. Just a little extra shine in there


  5. 5 It's okay if you know how to belly dance...

  6. 6 When you buy shoes from an electronics brand

  7. 7 If Pooh stared in a horror movie

  8. 8 Still looking for an organ to wear this ring

  9. 9 All my expectations went down the drain

  10. 10 Did they really make a dress out of a shopping bag?

  11. 11 Is being "size blind" even a disease?

  12. 12 I ordered it for myself. Not for my barbie

  13. 13 The legs are even longer than me. This teddy's shady AF

  14. 14 Trying to fit in this one

  15. 15 Thinking about giving a present to my gf

  16. 16 That would make a good table cloth

  17. 17 I salute this T-shirt designer

  18. 18 When you hire color blind people for manufacturing

  19. 19 Someone took the soul outta my teddy

  20. 20 My apologies to the spider man

  21. 21 Someone's prom night looks ruined

  22. 22 Talk about "exceeding your expectations"

  23. 23 This dress is torture

  24. 24 I bought an adult sized tent online. Now all I can fit in this is my dog and even he won't be happy about it

  25. 25 Could work in the miniature world

  26. 26 My sister ordered boots online for her Halloween costume and this is what came in the mail....

  27. 27 Are you satisfied with our service?


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