20 Most Realistic Cakes That Will Make You Do a Double Take


Baking a cake is an art in itself. Those who’re good at baking and shaping cakes can make a cake look like almost anything including products such as Crayons and makeup to even people and pets!


Listed up in this post are photos of some of the best cakes ever created.  Do you know people who can bake a cake like that? Share this post with them to let them know that you’re thinking about them.

  1. 1 I will never believe that this is a cake!

  2. 2 A cake for puppy lovers!

  3. 3 I wonder who would want to eat that...

  4. 4 When fast food is love!


  5. 5 Just bringing the childhood memories back!

  6. 6 That's one creative chef!

  7. 7 No need to take off the skin!

  8. 8 Yes, I also looked at it twice..

  9. 9 This just doesn't look good to me..

  10. 10 This is too good to be a cake!

  11. 11 He wanted a Mig Mac on his birthday..

  12. 12 Yes, it is a cake indeed..

  13. 13 When you really like your shoes!

  14. 14 No, it's not a painting..

  15. 15 I think I might not be able to eat this cake...

  16. 16 That's some creativity...

  17. 17 I had to eat it to believe that its a cake..

  18. 18 What are you looking at fella?

  19. 19 Gosh the details!

  20. 20 Had to cut it to make you believe that its a cake..


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