25 Most Interesting Marriage Proposals Ever

  1. 1 Proposal Goals!

  2. 2 And what if she doesn't watch baseball

  3. 3 This is one delicious big (Mac) proposal

  4. 4 Well, This Was Unexpected...


  5. 5 Should have checked spellings

  6. 6 Giving a Shock in the Morning

  7. 7 She will never forget how he looked her passionately in the eyes... and how the cow smelled!

  8. 8 Just throw her away if she say 'NO'

  9. 9 She got the answer she deserved

  10. 10 May the force be with you

  11. 11 Hope so response was not as bad as the poster

  12. 12 At least he tried to be innovative

  13. 13 Hope she likes customized toys

  14. 14 Good Idea as far as she is not a vegetarian

  15. 15 She is not gonna love herself in this picture

  16. 16 Its a win win, even if she says no

  17. 17 Wouldn't be much of a surprise if you find a ring

  18. 18 When she is a Pokemon fan but not you

  19. 19 Hoping that she choses him too

  20. 20 Just make sure that you don't use her favorite book

  21. 21 Will You Be My Companion for Forever? Regards, Dr. Who

  22. 22 One for Harry Potter Fans

  23. 23 The Dolphin is getting tired

  24. 24 Trying is what you must not do!

  25. 25 Game On?


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