20 Most Interesting and Creative Guerrilla Advertisements


Marketing in a world where consumers are being bombarded with information 24/7 is not easy. You’re literally competing with millions of other brands and products worldwide. And if you have a meagre budget, things will just become significantly more difficult for you. In such a competitive marketing landscape, brands must turn to unorthodox guerilla marketing techniques to reach out to their customers. 


Guerilla marketing does not require a huge budget. It just requires a creative mindset, and it can have a powerful impact on the recall of your brand. Listed in this post are 20 awesome guerilla marketing advertisements by different companies:

  1. 1 TONDEO: Mini Trimmers!

  2. 2 CAPSICO: Hot Sauce. Really Hot!

  3. 3 This Realistic Escalator Safety Ad!

  4. 4 What you can do with duct tape....


  5. 5 Fitness Ad!

  6. 6 KelOptic: Clear Vision!

  7. 7 Alteco super glue: Steel span wire!

  8. 8 Open the Happiness

  9. 9 The Power of Four: It even shaves the hair off tattoos!

  10. 10 WWF: Conserve, Air Dry, Be Eco

  11. 11 Smoking Kills.

  12. 12 Yoga Straw

  13. 13 Short shorts at Superette

  14. 14

  15. 15 Creative iPhone escalator Ad

  16. 16 Dettol Hand Sanitizer: Hand' handles on the bus or train. That's not creepy AT ALL.

  17. 17 CocaCola

  18. 18 Office Products: Really Creative

  19. 19 Fanta Fun Advertisement

  20. 20 Nike!! Run!!

  21. 21 Use Tissue


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