20 Most Impressive Inventions to Make Your Life More Comfortable


Do little things like taking the hair out from the mop after cleaning the house, or cutting up a banana into slices annoys you? Well, if that’s the case then these 20 inventions are created for you. 


Whether it is an onion slicer you have always wanted, a bookmark that points to the line you were reading, a USB charger that charges your phone through your drink or a book stand for outside reading, we have got it all in store for you. If you think life is hard, it’s definitely going to get easier ten-folds after getting these amazing house-hold items.  

  1. 1 A banana slicer

  2. 2 Vegetables cutter

  3. 3 Lipstick Guide

  4. 4 The multi-tool for eating avocados


  5. 5 A heat sealer for plastic bags

  6. 6 A book holder for outside reading

  7. 7 A self-cleaning brush

  8. 8 Pointing bookmark

  9. 9 Kotatsu: The table, blanket and heater all-in-one

  10. 10 Better Sleep Pillow

  11. 11 The USB charger that gets its power from your drink

  12. 12 Cucumbo Spiral Slicer

  13. 13 Scissors and tape all in one

  14. 14 An electric egg boiler

  15. 15 A nail polish holder

  16. 16 Air Mattress for the back seat

  17. 17 Magnetic clothes hanger

  18. 18 A handy gizmo for cutting melons

  19. 19 A bathtub caddy

  20. 20 Mobile phone holder


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