20 Most Hilarious DIY Fails Ever


People will tell you that DIYs are a great way to let your creative juices flowing. But really it is a way of saving money when you are broke and can’t afford to pay the real price. While most DIYs are really easy to do, not everyone is creative, so today at BeMeThis let’s see some hilarious DIY fails of such people.

  1. 1 This beautifully fixed toilet.

  2. 2 This excellent problem solving.

  3. 3 Stick shift broke, had to improvise

  4. 4 My cousin, ashamed after building a chair from IKEA


  5. 5 New Indian cycle handle with steering

  6. 6 This really excellent example of vehicle maintenance.

  7. 7 Fantastic plumbing work.

  8. 8 And this quite excellent lock replacement.

  9. 9 Beautifully installed toilet seat.

  10. 10 This Handy Beer Can Handle

  11. 11 It is worse to stay with dirty hands

  12. 12 Couldn't find my candle holder, as a musician I improvised the best I could

  13. 13 This strip of bacon fits so perfectly inside the plate that it looks like they were made for each other.

  14. 14 Stoves are overrated

  15. 15 Everything to keep the kids quiet

  16. 16 But if this can do the same function why buy another one?

  17. 17 E water is relentless

  18. 18 Someone finally made a headset that fits Tyler

  19. 19 In his absence there are those who use a wheelbarrow

  20. 20 I've seen people keep their freezers open to get cheap A/C, but this is new.


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